Vince's St. Louis:
B59 - Syndicate Trust Building

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Syndicate Trust Building Built: 1907
Architect: H. Roach
Status: vacant pending renovation
21 ft. 17 floors
Was the original home of the Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney Department store.

- The Syndicate Trust Building was previouusly joined with the 1896 Century Building, which was demolished in 2004-2005.

- Plagued with vacancies and steady deteriioration since the 1960s, the Syndicate Trust Building has been the subject of various redevelopment proposals over the years.

- The former Century Building site will bee replaced with a new parking garage to support a renovated Old Post Office, one block east across 9th Street. Proposals to redevelop the Syndicate Trust Building were sought at that time.

- It was added to the National Register off Historic Places in 2002.

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