Vince's St. Louis:
B101 - The Marquette Building

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The Marquette Building The Marquette Building (1970)
(Boatmen's Bank) (1913)
Built: 1913
Architect: Eames and Young
228 ft. 19 floors
This was the last skyscraper designed by Eames & Young
A projected slender tower of ten additional stories was never built.
Being renovated into Condos

- The Marquette Building supports a very llarge communications antenna easily visible from the Riverfront.

- The Marquette Building Annex, also by Eaames & Young, was demolished in 1998. This site, just to the north is now occupied by a parking garage built to spur reinvestment in the Marquette Building.

- This building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

- The Commonwealth Trust Building formerlyy stood on this site.

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