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B111 - Wainwright Building/ Wainwright State Office Building

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Wainwright Building/ Wainwright State Office Building The Wainwright Building
Built: 1892
Architect: Adler & Sullivan
147 ft. 10 floors
Status: renovated and in use as a state office building.
The Wainwright, as an early solution to the stylistic problem of the skyscraper, is the single most architecturally important building in St. Louis.

- The first steel-framed building in St. LLouis, the Wainwright Building has an intricate brick and terra cotta facade designed by Louis Sullivan.

- The landmark Wainwright Building was oncce scheduled for demolition, but the State of Missouri purchased the building for use as government offices.

- The building is U-shaped, surrounding a light court on the north side.

- It was added to the National Register off Historic Places and named a National Historic Landmark in 1968.

Wainwright State Office Building
Built: 1981
Architect: Hastings & Chivetta

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